Eye marble dining table by stone international

Eye is high end luxury marble dining table manufactured by Stone International, one of the oldest manufacturers of natural stone furniture.

The stones and marbles used in our product are all natural - presenting all the variations and unique colorings found in nature. Because they are natural products, no two pieces will look alike. None of the natural veins, pores, and variations are to be considered defects, but instead characteristics that make your table one-of-a-kind and enhance its beauty.

Look no further as shape is reimagined. Bold curves that stretche its outward appearance to provide heart and soul. Intensity and depth, this modern design gives reflection and meaning to the living space.

Tables with metal base in polished steel (PS) or polished blond (PB). Top in any available natural stone finish with boxed edge.

Sizes Available:

1)- Rectangle table: W 1800 x D 1060 x H 760

2- Rectangle table: W 2000 x D 1060 x H 760

3)- Rectangle table: W 2200 x D 1060 x H 760


  • Marble Dining table manufactured by Stone International
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Boxed edge marble table top (6cm thickness)
  • Choice of polished stainless steel or polished brass(gold) base
  • Choice of different stone finishes for table 
  • Flat packed
  • Dispatch in 6-8 weeks

Please note all colours and sizes will be confirmed via email before order is processed. We are unable to accept cancellation or accept any extra cost that may incur due to wrong information provided by you at the time you placed the order. Please contact us if you need further information.

Caring for your table:

You can re-polish your table with a coat of natural paste wax as desired. This will restore the shine and protect the surface. As you would with a fine piece of wood furniture, always use placemats, coasters, and trivets and clean any spills immediately. Regular rubbing alcohol is a perfect product to use for day-to-day cleaning.

For stains:

The removal of light rings and slight stains is fairly simple. Try the finest sandpaper available with a light-handed application and the re-wax. 

If it is an absorbed stain, the application of small amount of hydrogen peroxide, diluted bleach, or ammonia to the stain with a soft cloth
produces good results. Always wash with clear water and wipe with a dry cloth, and re-wax after any cleaning or repair.

To fill small holes:

Fill opening with a hardening putty, fill-stick, or spackle with color. You may need to remove excess with a razor blade of very fine sand paper. When surface is completely dry, apply paste wax and polish.

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